Poor Posture

Poor Posture Symptoms and Correction

Poor posture can cause a range of problems, including pain, loss of muscle strength, and fatigue. The good news is that with lifestyle changes and chiropractic care, you can correct your posture. Poor posture is one of the many conditions we treat at Walker Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Miramar, FL.


Poor Posture Symptoms

Poor posture can often be seen in rounded shoulders, an arched back, and your head tilting forward or back. However, the symptoms go far beyond the ones you can easily see. Other symptoms include headaches, fatigue, and a greater chance of injury. Some muscles are overused, while others get weak from lack of use. This can also cause a tightening of muscles, which contributes to the problem and causes fatigue. 

Pain can be experienced in many areas. Misalignment can cause neck or back pain, but poor posture can also cause excess stress or misalignment in other areas, which causes pain. These include hips, knees, feet, and shoulders.  

How a Chiropractor Can Help

It is often assumed that correcting your posture is as simple as learning to keep your body in the proper position. This is part of the correction, but not the entire story. Poor posture is often accompanied by misalignment. You will need a chiropractic adjustment to correct misalignment. It is impossible to achieve the correct posture without proper alignment. Even if you put yourself in the correct position, areas of your body will still be out of place. 

The other common issue is the muscles themselves. When we assume a certain position over time, we train our muscles to maintain that position. In the case of poor posture, muscles shorten and become very tight attempting to maintain the posture. Other muscles are weakened. A chiropractor can help loosen tight muscles and prescribe exercises to strengthen the muscles you need for correct posture. 

What to Do At Home

In addition to visiting a chiropractor, you can work to maintain proper posture at home. Good posture should not be uncomfortable. If it feels stiff or forced, you are trying too hard and fighting with your body. Ideally, your neck, shoulders, and hips will all be in a vertical line when sitting or standing. Aim for this, but do not attempt to force your body into an uncomfortable position. 

When you are sitting or lying down, choose furniture that provides firm support. Ergonomic office chairs, firm mattresses, and lumbar supports for chairs and your car can help support your posture. Check-in with your posture frequently. We often get distracted and ignore the mild physical discomfort of bad posture. If you are not comfortable, make corrections. 

Exercises for flexibility and strength are important. It's best to speak to your chiropractor. They will be able to prescribe the exercises that have the most benefit to you. 

Posture Correction at Walker Chiropractic

Poor posture is a common problem. If you are experiencing symptoms of poor posture in Miramar, FL, contact Walker Chiropractic and Wellness Center. We will work with you to create a holistic treatment plan to provide the relief you need. 

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