Sports Injury

Sports Injury Treatment With Chiropractic Care

Playing sports puts you at risk for a lot of injuries, especially if your sport involves a lot of contact. If you have recently suffered a sports injury that is affecting your daily life, here's what you need to know about the treatment options that are available to you.


What Is a Sports Injury?

Sports injuries are a broad category of injuries which are sustained while playing sports. Because sports involve a lot of different muscle groups and activities, there are a wide variety of sports injuries one can experience. Diagnosing your sports injury is the first step to finding a good treatment option in Miramar, FL.

Many sports injuries affect the back and neck since these are such vulnerable areas. Whether an injury occurs because of a big hit in football or a nasty spill on the basketball court, it can cause a lot of pain. The two primary goals of sports injury treatment are to relieve pain and treat the root of the problem.

Common Sports Injuries

Strains are one of the most common sports injuries because they can happen for such a wide variety of reasons. In some cases, a strain may be caused by overworking a muscle, as you might do after a long day of playing sports. However, strains can also be caused by doing these activities without stretching properly beforehand.

Rotator cuff injuries are also common in sports, especially those that involve a lot of contact or use of the shoulders. When the tendon tears away from the bone, it causes pain and weakness in that part of the shoulder. Fortunately, most sports injuries are treatable without anything too extensive.

Sports Injury Treatment with a Chiropractor

If you want to relieve some of the pain and loss of range of motion from your sports injury, visiting a chiropractor is a great way to do that. Spinal adjustments can help relieve the back and neck pain that comes with constantly using those muscles or taking tough falls when playing sports.

The best part about chiropractic treatment for sports injuries is that it is a natural solution. Rather than having to undergo complex surgery or take pain medication for years, you can have your back and neck adjusted to relieve some of the pain and other symptoms. Chiropractic treatment is especially effective for lower and upper back injuries.

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